Reduce your carbon emissions

Charge from 100% solar

Protect your home

Invest in a Brighter Future with Superior EV Charging Stations

With the rise of clean, efficient, and accessible electric vehicles, Cableworks Electrical has invested in becoming skilled, accredited EV charger installation providers. Since you rely on your EV every day to get you from A to B, a reliable EV charger is fundamental to getting the most out of this new, clean, and exciting technology.

Invest in a lighter, brighter future with superior EV charging stations

We offer only the highest quality technology in EV charging, and with expert system design and installation, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best out of it for years to come.

But not all EV chargers are created equal. Cheaper units can put greater strain on your electrical systems. We use only the most cutting-edge and up to date EVNex charging stations, equipped with dynamic load balancing to ensure your charger will never overload your electrical network.

Cableworks Electrical is Wellington’s only accredited Evnex installers, meaning we have the training and attention to detail to ensure this high-end technology is installed expertly and performs perfectly.


Evnex chargers are the most efficient EV chargers available, charging during off-peak hours to save you money. You can track their progress and prices on the Evnex app, and they’re made in New Zealand, ensuring a steady and reliable source of parts and a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Whether your daily driver is an EV, or you maintain a fleet of electric work vehicles, Cableworks Electrical can install the appropriate EV charging station for your needs.

"Came to install our new EV wall charger and did a great job. Thomas was early (I like that ) and when working picked up a dangerous fault in our switchboard from previously melted wires. Quality work and made our house safe again. Can’t ask for more than that.”

"Theo & the Cableworks Electrical crew have been the most reliable sparkies we have dealt with. We have been going through renovations and Theo isn't just a problem solver he is an ideas man. He has helped us out in more ways than one. Professional, trustworthy, honest and his attention to detail just can't be beaten. Cableworks are the only guys I'll ever use and I would say, you're missing out if you don't use them!"

Mode 3 EV Chargers

Mode 3 EV chargers are becoming more popular every day, and offer many benefits for everyday electric vehicle drivers.

With reduced charging time, a Mode 3 charging system can charge your electric vehicle in the time it takes you to do household chores (3-5 hours) compared to the standard overnight charging time that Mode 1 charging systems require.

Mode 3 chargers also offer advanced features such as mechanical locking, Wi-Fi, and smartphone compatibility and operation.

As well as allowing you greater flexibility with your own EV, installing a high-quality charger at your home can increase its resale value as electric vehicles become more popular. Having EV chargers installed at your commercial premises can also be beneficial to staff and improve your standing as an eco-friendly company.

To find out more about installing your own EV Charger at your home, or fleet charging stations at your commercial premises, call us on 04 471 1411 or email the office via the Contact page on this website.

I used to go through 1 or 2 other electricians for general work until I had Cableworks service my Evnex EV car charger again and relocate it to a new house. After they did such an amazing job and asking if they do general electrical services, I was really excited to make them my new go-to #1 electricians.
Incredibly professional and kind. Excellent value and fast service. Sage is wonderful to deal with when arranging your service. Ryan and Theo are superstars when it comes to the on-site work.
I’ve now gone through 3 services at my previous property, and about to have my 3rd service completed at my new property. Without question, Cableworks is my favourite tradepeople to deal with because I know I can trust their work and it will be a great experience.”

Justin Israel, Jan 2024

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